Wow, I haven’t touched this in a long time. I never forgot about it, just never got around to posting.

The summer went well. I had an awesome internship and plan on going back next summer and after I graduate. It’s really cool to be able to work on my two passions..space and programming.

So, news in my life:

The first weekend in August, I competed in my first road race event at an old Nascar track in college station. It was great! I was slow, but it was my first time.

My new apartment is really nice. Everything is great except the internet which is really slow, comes and goes, and has a policy against bittorrent and hosting servers.

School starts a week from tomorrow. I am taking Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, Intro to Marketing, and Engineering Ethics. Should be a pretty fun semester.

Additionally, my on campus job next year consists of doing something with autonomous robots. We’ll get to see how that goes.

Other than that, nothing much is going on. Houston was really fun, and I feel that I wasted alot of time there while I could have been seeing the sights. I also met a lot of great people, and reunited with some old friends.

I’ll try to keep this thing updated more often.