Stay away from ZipZoomFly

NEVER do business with

There is ram that I want to get. It was listed as unavailable but I gave them my email so I could receive a notice when it was back in stock. Thursday evening I got that email, and I ordered it and paid extra for 2 day fedex. It quickly charged my Credit Card and the next day (or it may have been that night) the order status said that it was packed.

As of now, the order status is still packed. 3 of the 4 times I’ve called them (during business hours), the customer service number forwarded me to a voice mail box where (2 of the 3 times) I left a voice mail including my name, order number, and phone number. I never received a call back. Note that in this time, I also sent emails regarding the issue.

I finally managed to get a hold of a customer service representatives. I told her the situation and she looked on the computer to see if the item was in stock (which obviously it wasn’t. It sold out quickly after I ordered it). She came back and said that the item wasn’t in stock, and I said that that shouldn’t matter because my order has already been processed an boxed. She rudely said that she would get in contact with “the buyer” and I should call back in 30 mins when he gets off lunch.

I told her that that was my 1st successful call out of 4, and that I wasn’t going to deal with that type of service when I called back. She took my name and number and will call me back within the next 2 hours. We will see…

Sooo…stay away from this store. They might be a couple of dollars cheaper here and there, but it is not worth the headache.

I am going back to newegg for a long time…


I called back. I didn’t have the patience for her to call me back. This time I talked to a man (I’m assuming “the buyer”) and he said that they sold too many when their shipment came in. The next shipment is supposed to be in later this week, but he didn’t think mine would go out with that, so I am looking at a 2 week delay on my ram, and they never even told me about it.

Time to start shopping around for it because I am really not in the mood to wait that long

Update: 4:43pm CDT

I got a call back from them. The lady said there is no ETA, but she couldn’t confirm it because “the buyer” wasn’t at her desk. I was instructed to call back tomorrow, which I will do. I asked for “the buyer”‘s name but she said customers aren’t allowed to talk to her. I am still very confused as to how something that is out of stock manages to get a status of ‘packed’. No one can help me

Day 2 9-20-2006
Update: 10:40am

I just called ZipZoomFly again. I want to talk to “the buyer” to try to get a date on when my ram will be available. They open at 10:30 central, so I gave them an extra 10 minutes to get there. Guess What…No Answer. I suppose that is ok this time because it is so close to them opening, but I still am not happy with it. That’s 4 no answers so far

Update: 11:03 am

I called again. Got a new person that I’ve never talked to, and he told me it would ship out on 9/28 (1 week from tomorrow). I will pursue other options now.

Update: 11:18 am

I have ordered the ram from They estimate a 3-5 day period before it ships, so I should still get it before zipzoomfly, and I don’t really want zipzoomfly to have my money. Hopefully, I will have no more issues. I canceled the order from zipzoom and I really hope I see that money back.

Day 4 9-22-2006

Update: 9:02 am

It’s been 2 days, and no sign of the money. I called them yesterday and managed to get someone who said the money should make it to me this morning.

In other news, Newegg now carries the product, but it is out of stock. They have it for $11 cheaper than ZipZoomFly, and I trust them with getting my order right.

Day 10 9-28-2006

Update: 11:50 pm

The money came yesterday. At least ZZF managed to get that part right. My ram is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and I just got an email earlier today from the company I ordered it from saying Corsair shipped me the wrong product (it was shipping directly from Corsair).

GREAT! This ram must be cursed. Luckily they are working with me about this, and I am just going to not accept the package tomorrow, and they will give me a refund.

In the mean time, I ordered from Newegg (who now has it in stock), expedited the processing, and ordered overnight shipping. I missed the deadline for them to ship it out today, so I called to see what they could do. The Cust Service rep contacted the card processing department and the warehouse and had them speed everything up. In the end, it ended up shipping today, so I should get it tomorrow (YAY NEWEGG!).

This has been one headache after the other. I hope that by the end of the day tomorrow, I will have no more worries.