DivX and XviD on a PS3

This past weekend I picked up a Playstation 3.  One of the main reasons I got one was the ability to have my movies (in Xvid) in my living room since I recently got rid of my MythTV box.

I’ve been pretty disappointed with the video playback as NONE of my movies are recognized by the PS3, and I’ve got quite a few to choose from.

This problem was actually two-fold.  From what I can tell, Windows media player’s library sharing doesn’t play nice with 64-bit Windows XP.  That’s what gave me the “No Titles Available” error.

The second problem had to do with the way the movies are encoded.  All of them are Xvid w/ vbr audio or ac3 audio and were encoded using DVDFab.

One solution is TVersity.   TVersity is a UPnP server that will transcode the files as requested if the player (in this case, the PS3), can’t natively play them.  This is all fine and dandy, but it requires a fairly powerful computer serving these files, and on the fly transcoding isn’t what I was looking for, and doesn’t support x64.  It looks like its just lagging, but the blame goes to the OS.

I instead tried FUPPES.  FUPPES is an open source UPnP media server, and it worked very well for what I wanted.

I still couldn’t view all of my movies, though

I decided that it might be a good idea to just convert my movies into something the PS3 can play.  I looked into a few tool which forums and websites claimed to work, with no luck.  The tools I tried were SUPER, which can convert the audio of the file to a more supported format, and AVIRecomp, which can repackage the entire file in a more usable format.

Many people have had luck with those two tools, but I wasn’t so lucky.

My last hope was to just convert from XviD to DivX using the official DivX codec.  To do this, I used a tool called Dr. Divx with the latest version of DivX, DivX6 at the time of this writing. Dr. DivX converts pretty much anything to DivX, so I just dropped in my video files and let the tool work its magic.

Once if finished, I just used FUPPES, and now I can happily watch all of my movies on my TV.

Hopefully, someone will find this as helpful as I have.


I did it.  I gave Godaddy the boot. I’m now hosted by Dreamhost and they are absolutely amazing.  Godaddy was terrible when I compare them to what I have now.  While Dreamhost does give me discounts for referring people, I am being honest about the quality of service that I’ve received.

As you can see, I’ve completely changed the site.  It’s running on the Joomla CMS, which eliminated the headaches I had before with integrating Blogger into my site.

I’m eventually going to move some of my projects here.  I can set up an SVN repository for them, but I haven’t had time yet.  Have fun looking around and let me know what you think.

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