Adding Dynamic DNS to a subdomain.

So, I’ve got this great domain setup, but it seemed to be lacking one thing.  I wanted to give my personal server a URL within the domain.  After a lot of playing around, I found it to be really easy to do.

Here’s how to set it up so that you can access your personal server through

Step 1. Set up a dynamic DNS hostname.  For this, I used the Free Dynamic DNS service from  From now on, let’s refer to this a, where dynamic is the hostname you chose.  You need to make sure you can get to your locally hosted website by going to

Step 2. Set up a CNAME DNS entry on your hosted web account.  This varies per provider but for me, it’s really easy through Dreamhost’s web panel.  Set up in the following format:

Name     subdomain
Type     CNAME

Step 3.  You’ll want your new subdomain to resolve correctly every time your IP address changes, so look into either or 3rd party router firmware such as Tomato or DD-WRT, so your DynDNS address is always pointing at your current IP.

That’s it!  Now, should load the same page as


NOTE:  It typically takes a while for DNS entries to propogate across the internet.  Please allow several hours for to become active.