AT&T DSL Setup Behind a Linksys Router running Tomato

I’m doing this mainly for myself so I can replicate what I did in the future.  It’s pretty straight forward but a simple misconfiguration made it so the internet couldn’t see my server.

About my network:

  • Prior to moving to DSL, I had a cable modem that passed it’s IP address along to my Router.
  • My internal network was in the 192.168.1.x address range.
  • I had a combination of static and dynamic addresses.  My servers were all static and I had certain ports accessible from the outside.

DSL Setup

  1. For the initial setup, I connected my computer directly to the modem and went through their automatic setup mess.
  2. Log into the modem (, and set it so PPPoE authentication is not done at the modem. – Doing this will make you lose access to the modem configuration page.
  3. Set the Router to do PPPoE authentication using the AT&T username and password.