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VPN Batch Script

Posted by Jesse on October 24, 2006

Here is a batch script I made to log me on/off of a vpn server and also mount/unmount a network drive.

I thought it would be useful to share

:::                        VPN.BAT OVERVIEW                         :::
::: This script automatically connects to a VPN Server and mounts   :::
::: a network drive for the connection.  If a connection is already :::
::: established, the script unmounts the drive and terminates the   :::
::: connection.                                                     :::
:::                                                                 :::
:::                           INSTRUCTIONS                          :::
::: To configure the script, edit your username, password, and the  :::
::: connection name below.  These are the criteria which let you    :::
::: log into your vpn server.   Next set the Drive you want to mount:::
::: as the DRIVE variable (eg. h:) and the location of the mount in :::
::: the DRIVEMAP Variable.  Run the script by double clicking.      :::
:::                                                                 :::
:::                            SECURITY                             :::
::: Due to the nature of batch files, anyone who has access to the  :::
::: file can also read the contents (most notably your username and :::
::: password).  I would recommend using a program to compile this   :::
::: batch into an EXE. I have tested this method using "Quick Batch :::
::: File Compiler" ( and "Batch :::
::: File Compiler Pro" (  This method will  :::
::: at least remove your username and password from plain sight.    :::
:::                                                                 :::
:::                             CREDITS                             :::
::: CREATED BY    : Jesse Bowes                                     :::
::: LAST MODIFIED : September 13, 2006                              :::
::: WEBSITE       :                       :::
:::                                                                 :::
:************* EDIT THESE *************
@SET USERNAME=username
@SET PASS=pass
@SET CONNNAME=as defined in 'Network Connections'
@SET DRIVE=h: (drive you want to mount)
@SET DRIVEMAP=\\server\username (location of mount)
:*************  END EDIT  *************
@rasdial > c:\tempfile
@set /p STATUS= < c:\tempfile 
@del c:\tempfile
@IF "%status%" == "No connections"  GOTO MAKE
@echo *** Establishing VPN connection ***
@echo *** Mapping Network drive ***
@PING -n 1 -w 6000 >NUL
net use %DRIVE% %DRIVEMAP%
@echo *** Terminating VPN connection ***
@net use h: /delete
@rasdial %CONNNAME% /disconnect
@set STATUS=


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Posted by dave on
so ! this means i have to change the user and pass and the domain to my actual
can u gave me a free working vpn as an example. thanx alot
Posted by David on
Really nice example!
I save a LOT of time
thank you
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